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Self-playing promotional videos are ideal for websites like the one here above. Scroll down to see different ideas and variations.



Make someone smile today

In this example the video is less than half the screen for more subtle affect. The links are noticeable at the top and the welcoming text too.

Lets look at more examples by scrolling down.

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Sørmarka is a professional conference hotel with a focus on high quality and great service when it comes to both experiences with nature and Food.

Twenty minutes from Oslo city centre you’ll find this beautiful conference hotel surrounded by nature. An ideal place, not just for a breaks or holiday, but also for conferences, functions and parties. All of our spacious 133 rooms are equipped with modern facilities, WIFI and plasma TV’s.

The video can also be placed elegantly on the side like the example here above. Costumers can then decide themselves if they want to play the video and view it in full screen.


In the video above the video sits completely in the background. The links are on top of the video and so is the logo. The videos don’t have to be self-playing. You can decide if you want the play button to be visible so the customer can start and stop the video as they please.


If you need help with adding the video to your website, Pilvet can help you out!

You can also use the video as multiple shorter videos on social media like Instagram & Facebook. You get a lot more for your money that way.