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Affordable and quality video and photography service

From creating state of the art corporate videos to help build your business, or making indie music videos on a budget, I strive to do everything possible to ensure you are satisfied with the end result. My mission is to make high-quality videos and photographs using unique visual storytelling at an affordable price.

I reside in Berlin but I frequently travel to Iceland, Scandinavia and rest of Europe so chances are we can work together. Contact me and find out if I can be in your area.

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What I offer:

* On-site Videography & Photography
* Aerial Drone Videos and Photos
* Animation and Motion Graphics
* Time Lapse Videography
* Editing and Post Production
* Green Screen Projects

Everyone has different needs and every project is unique

Pilvet adapts to your style...


Online video sharing has become one of the best methods for promoting businesses. We help you get your message across through high quality videos. Whether you are looking for an introduction video, coverage of a conference, a business documentary, a promotional corporate video, we are happy to help.


We love creativity and this is where we shine. From artistic shots layered with cinematic flair to flashy and fast cuts of a sugary music video of a pop song, we adapt to each project as they are many. We are not limited to what we create, we want to hear your ideas or requests and collaborate to create the video that you will be thrilled with.


Do you need a video that captures the special moments in your life? Whether it’s, weddings, family gatherings, documentaries or anything else, our goal is to give each & every event a different meaning, identity and a vision with a true professional and personal touch.

Areal drone videos and photos

Our professional drone services provide stunning aerial footage including video, images, and panoramas from a unique perspective in the sky.

Aerial views offer another level of marketing potential that even high quality and professional ground-based photographs simply cannot provide.

Ideal for events, hotels, tourist attractions, real estate agents, adventure companies, construction projects and much more.

Ok, what is all this going to cost us?

– Jim from Finances

Contact me and I’ll give you a quote. Affordable quality is my motto. It’s also the way I like my coffee. How do you like your coffee Jim?


Hey there, I’m Gaui. I’m passionate about shooting videos and photos, making music, eating ice cream and of course having long walks on the beach. I’m born and raised in Iceland but I reside in Berlin.

Since I was 10 years old, I’ve been shooting videos. I borrowed my dad’s chunky VCR camera and shot a home-made sketch show with my friends. Since then my style has become more artistic but I’m not limited to a particular style of project or client type.

While creativity is my passion, I encourage a collaborative relationship with my clients. I want to hear your ideas and your visions, and take off from there.

Contact: pilvet@pilvet.com


Artistic, creative, authentic

I enjoy photographing different projects whether it’s brands, events, people, drone photography or anything else. Email me for further info.